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Our purpose is to take care of our workers as well as of our customers. We want to offer relaxed and nice service for everyone.

We are customer oriented company with friendly workers. We want to respect everyone's right to be how they feel comfortable to be. 

Yes, I want an assistant and the gift card! 

OFFER - Take for yourself a personal assistant, and you get a gift card worth until 100 €

When you order a personal assistant for yourself through us, we will reward you with a gift card! Card value until 100 €. The card works in S-group shops, or, if you wish, in other shop of your choice.

  • When the assistance hours are under 60 hours per month, you will be gifted with 30 € card

  • When the assistance hours are under 100 hours per month, you will be gifted with 50 € card

  • When the assistance hours are over 100 hours per month, you will be gifted with 100 € card

Offer is applicable with new permanent (open-ended) assistance contracts. One gift card per one customer. You can order the assistant with service vouchers in the cities of Vantaa and Espoo. You can also have an assistant with billing if you dont have service voucher. In case of ordering the worker with billing, you can ask for our prices contacting us here. The gift card offering is valid until end of August. 

To get your own gift card you can contact us here or contact us directly with the form underneath. 


We are reliable and professional company and we want to produce the best service for our customers. Our main service is offering personal assistance for handicapped people.

Our services work with service voucher through the city (Vantaa and Espoo at the moment) or with billing. Our services are: 


- Personal assistance 

- Family Caregiver's Holiday

- Cleaning

We also offer our services in Arabic, Kurdish or Persian language, and we have especial experience of visual impariment and disabilities. 


Our customers are from all age groups. We have wide selection of different kind of workers, depending of the different needs of the customers. We will be happy to find you the best assistant or service. 

Personal Service

Through us you can get sercive through sercive vouchers or billing. We also offer our services in Persian, Kurdish or Arabic language for disabled people in all cultures and age classes. 


At the moment our main service area is Vantaa and Espoo (for service vouchers). For other services with billing, we work in the whole capital area and Uusimaa. 

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