Family Caregiver's Holiday

We offer help in keeping your earned holiday - carefree and reliable

Who can get a family carergiver's leave?


By law, caregivers have the right to day off's and certain kind of leave from their duties. Procedures vary from city to city, but many cities offer the possibility for carergivers to take a day off with a service voucher. In this case, we provide a service - we enable the caregiver to take a day off, and the municipality takes care of the deputy's work expenses through a service voucher.

At the moment, we offer a caregiver's assistants in Vantaa through a service voucher.


Who will be the assistant? And how can I get an assistant for myself?


If you need a substitute to take a holiday and you have been issued a service voucher from your city, you can contact us and we will arrange an assistant for you. If you wish, you can have the same assistant for each of your vacations, or the assistant can change, just the way you want. We will take care of the looking for the assistants for you. 


I don't have a service voucher. How should I do?


First, you should check to see if there is any kind of contract for caregiver's leave in your city of residence. In some municipalities, vacations are reimbursed in cash, and in other places a service voucher agreement has been made to make it easier for the caregiver, in which case a service provider (for example, we) will take care of your deputy for your holiday. If your municipality has a service voucher agreement, you must first apply for it from the city. Once granted, you can contact us and we will help you find a suitable assistant so you can have your well served holiday.


If necessary, we will help you with communication and applying for the vouchers with the city.



Our special feature is our language skills


If you wish, you can get Finnish speaking assistants who also speak Kurdish, Arabic and Persian. Contact us and ask for more!



If you wish, you can read more about family care here




If you would like a personal assistant or deputy caregiver for your holiday through us, you can contact us here or leave a contact request in the message box below.

Yes, I would like to have a caregiver's day off!

Personal Service

Through us you can get sercive through sercive vouchers or billing. We also offer our services in Persian, Kurdish or Arabic language for disabled people in all cultures and age classes. 


At the moment our main service area is Vantaa and Espoo (for service vouchers). For other services with billing, we work in the whole capital area and Uusimaa. 

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