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The purpose of our activities is to be of general interest and supportive of various groups of people

Karun is founded by 3 people: Ali Ahmadi, Ehsan Zoveidavi and Zamen Shojai. Karun-Palvelut Oy has started from the idea that with the help of personal experience of disability, we are able to offer a genuinely good service to both for our customers and our employees. Our operations also employ, among others, people with partial disabilities, young people and people who have moved to Finland from abroad.


Because of our personal experience, we know how it feels to need support and help in life. We also want to pass on the help, and we have a low threshold to offer help to employees as well as customers or otherwise, but to people who are interested in the matters of our working fields.


Ali and Ehsan have been visually impaired since their births, and they do understand what it's like when normal functioning is prevented due to a congenital illness or other. The appreciation for the help provided by Finnish society is high in our company, as such help is not to be taken granted in every part of the world. Without support and help, families are easily left alone with their illnesses and problems.


Our actions are also based on ideology - help is passed on and passed on, especially to those who need it most. We are a service provider approved by the cities and we work in co-operation with them, currently in Espoo and Vantaa.

Personal Service

Through us you can get sercive through sercive vouchers or billing. We also offer our services in Persian, Kurdish or Arabic language for disabled people in all cultures and age classes. 


At the moment our main service area is Vantaa and Espoo (for service vouchers). For other services with billing, we work in the whole capital area and Uusimaa. 

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